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    While demolition might seem to be a simple case of blowing things up and knocking stuff down, carrying out a professional, safe demolition project requires an incredible amount of work. At AC Demolition, our team of highly skilled trained professionals don't just demolish buildings, we put the level of care and attention to detail into our work that you'd usually expect in a new construction. We can manage projects from start to finish, including council applications and utilities abolishments.

    Because we take each and every detail of the demolition process into account, we have an enviable safety record. That doesn't just mean that we keep ourselves safe - it means that we keep everyone concerned with each of our projects safe, at every stage of the process.

    Demolition services

    As a locally owned and operated family business, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly service to customers of all kinds, whether they're private home-owners or businesses. We can provide on-site inspections, and are even available after hours if necessary.

    With a wealth of experience, as well as the very best, state-of the art equipment, at our disposal, we can help clients across Adelaide with a wide range of different demolition services, including:

    • Residential and commercial demolition
    • Asbestos removal
    • Internal or partial demolition 

    Because we understand that most of our projects are clearing the way for a new construction, we also work with our clients to help them plan the next stage. We can even excavate and prepare the site to make sure it's ready for what you have planned.

    Environmentally responsible

    We also do what we can to keep the environment safe, and ensure that most of the material removed from our sites is recycled.
    Demolition services
    Demolition services

    Whether you need commercial or residential demolition, please call us for a free quote on  08 8374 4666 !

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