House Demolition

As a property owner or developer, you understand that it takes careful planning to re-purpose a property. This is particularly true if you require house demolition — and especially if there's asbestos in the structure.

House Demolition

Stay Safe — Choose AC Demolition

At AC Demolition , we offer a safe, comprehensive approach to house demolition. Your Adelaide property will look clean and clear after we finish our demolition process. Also, because of our own high expectations, we pay attention to every detail so you—and we—are safe from start to finish.

As part of our process, we thoroughly inspect each building prior to demolition and often houses built before 1980 include asbestos in the building materials. As a team, we carefully remove asbestos and other hazardous materials before we continue the demolition.

Rely on our Experience and Attention to Detail

Of course, asbestos removal is only one part of a typical demolition project. Our contractors also ensure proper abatement and safe disposal. Moreover, we recycle a majority of the materials from each house demolition. Trust us to cover every detail:

  • Utility disconnections
  • Lean-to, half-house and whole-house demolitions
  • Swimming pool demolition/removal
  • Debris removal
  • Earthmoving (removals, new supply and compaction)
  • Driveway demolition/removal
  • On-site remediation
  • Protection of nearby structures (neighbours' property, adjacent buildings etc.)

We understand that our demolition process has a direct bearing on your new construction project. This is why we follow such strict protocols that protect your interests at every step.

Remember, your local council must approve your demolition well in advance. To assist you in your preparations, speak to one of our team members. We can assist you in your application and contact utility providers about disconnection procedures, which may take as many as five weeks to process.

To arrange a house demolition, contact our friendly team at 08 8374 4666 today. We will gladly offer you a free quote on any of our demolition services.