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At AC Demolition, we understand better than anyone how best to plan, and execute, a demolition project that's safe, efficient and to specification.

With onsite inspections, free quotes and fast turnaround times, we are dedicated to ensuring your 100% satisfaction on every job.

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When you decided to demolish a residence or office building, you're starting a complex process. You need to safely remove any asbestos, deal with rubbish removal and demolish not just the building but driveways and swimming pools as well. It's easy for home and business owners to feel overwhelmed.

That's where an experiences demolition company can help. Since demolition is so complicated, you need a company that will pay attention to every detail, from start to finish. At AC Demolition, our demolition contractors in Adelaide will safely and efficiently manage every aspect of the demolition process.

Our Demolition Services

We provide comprehensive demolition services for residences and commercial buildings, including:

  • Asbestos Removal
  • Block clearing
  • commercial and residential de-fits
  • commercial and industrial large-scale machine demolition
  • driveway removal
  • earthmoving (removal and supply)
  • half house and lean-to demolition
  • Rubbish removal
  • Site remediation
  • Swimming Pool removal
  • Demolition contractors
By the time we finish your demolition, your site will be read for whatever new construction you have planned.
Our friendly team can aid you with every part of the demoltiino process, including helping you apply for demolition approval from your local council. We can also arrange your gas and electricity disconnection, though disconnection applications can take up to five weeks for processing.
Our primary demolition hazard is in removing dangerous materials like asbestos. Our team has the necessary certification and qualifications to safely and legally remove, transport and dispose of your building's asbestos. AC Demolition will keep your area safe throughout the demolition.
Contact us for Safe Demolition
If your family or business needs experiences demolition contractors in Adelaide please call (08) 83744666  for a free quote. You can also submit an online form on our contact page if you prefer to be contacted via email.

Project management

We're also experienced with Project Management, and can help clients with every aspect of their demolition project. Our service includes arranging for gas and electricity disconnections, as well as gaining the necessary approval from the local council on your behalf.

List of equipment

  • 4 x Semi Tippers
  • 5 x Excavators (various sizes)
  • Skid Steer
  • 2 x Ridged Rucks and Super Dog Trailer
  • Mini Tippers
  • Labour Hire
  • Total employees: 20 - 30
AC Demolition Earthmoving
AC Demolition building before demolition
AC Demolition building after demolition
AC Demolition demolishing shop before demolition
AC Demolition demolishing shop before demolition 1
AC Demolition swimming before demolition
AC Demolition swimming during demolition
AC Demolition swimming after demolition

Whether you need commercial or residential demolition, please call us for a free quote on  08 8374 4666 !

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