Swimming Pools

Residential - AC Demolition has a skilled labour team who are experts’ in residential demolition. We can manage your job from start to finish, leaving it level and cleared ready for your new home or sub-division. AC Demolitions’ customer liaison team, can organise Council Approvals for Demolition and, the Cancelation of all Services and removal of Hardware & Meters, or, simply guide you, so that you can action this yourself, successfully with minimum fuss

Partial Demolition – We have all thought of a new Kitchen or Bathroom, an extra space out the back or just getting rid of the old shed. We can help, our team have police clearances and are experienced in removing the parts of your home you want gone, safely and with minimum fuss, in preparation for your new plan.

Swimming Pools – The decision to sub-divide or extend often means that a much loved or ancient un-repairable pool needs to go. AC Demolition has a skilled labour team who are experts' in swimming pool demolition and removal. We can manage your job from start to finish, leaving it level and cleared ready for your new home, addition or sub-division.

  • No Obligation quotes – we understand that sometimes you are "just thinking" about your project, and other times you are "ready to go" we offer a "No Obligation Quote Service" so you can get the facts to plan for your project.
  • Free site Visit – These will help to fine tune your quote, ensuring it is accurate and has no hidden surprises
  • Council Approvals – the paperwork can sometimes be daunting. We can help by either just steering you in the right direction, or completing the full demolition application on your behalf and liaising with the council until the approval is done.
  • Abolishments - of the NBN, and the line and meter for your services to the property. This is more than just organising the final reading of you NBN, Electricity and Gas accounts. We can guide you through the process of having the line and meter removed before demolition, or we can act on your behalf liaising with the NBN supplier, Gas supplier and the South Australian Power Networks until the work is completed.
  • Fill - How you remove and fill your pool is based on your future requirements for the area. AC Demolition can provide all you need, weather it is a simple “hole punch” in the base and the removal of the coping, then filled ready to plant your new lawn or garden. Or, the total removal of all and filled with a Level One Compaction Certification ready to build on. We can organise this from start to finish, leaving your site level and ready to go with your next stage.